Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

This morning I just feel led to pray: Oh gracious father I kneel down before you. Lord you are God alone, there is no one like you in the heavens or on the earth. For you are great and mighty and I lift you up. Father, I thank you for keeping your angels encamped around me and my family.

I thank you for keeping us near the cross, and I thank you for covering us with the blood.  God I thank you for putting your people around me and for spiritual discernment.  Lord I thank you for grace, mercy and favor.  Lord I thank you for touching me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Lord I will praise you where ever I go. In and out of season and telling of the goodness of Jesus. Lord I thank you for waking my family up this morning because, I know that it wasn’t anything that we done that was so deserving, but you love us so much that you breathed on us and allowed us to see another day.

I thank you for having an expected end for me and looking beyond all of my faults and seeing my needs. Lord I thank you for blessing me indeed, but God most of all I thank you for simply loving me. 


I pray that you have been blessed:  



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